WinxPAC - PC-based automation

The development of automation is changing with each passing day. All intelligent technologies are realized based on the continuous development of automation control. CLESCRANE knows that automation control is the soul of the future crane field. In addition to striving for excellence in our SOLUTION, we are constantly improving our core competencies and making unremitting efforts to meet the more complex control requirements of our clients.

WinxPAC - PC-based automation

WinxPAC – Short for Windows Xentry PC based Automation Controller. That is, the PC automatic control technology based on Windows operating system developed by CLESCRANE and our partners. It is a software, hardware and solution platform with functions of PLC logic control, HMI and SCADA data acquisition and monitoring, motion control, numerical control and machine vision.

WinxPAC PLC Programmable logic control software

WinxPAC is a programming development software platform with real-time kernel automation that designed by CLESCRANE on the base of Windows operating system. It makes use of the mature CODESYS real-time kernel, Visual Studio and other tool frameworks and abundant application libraries to select a standard industrial embedded PC as a PLC logic controller, Motion controller, CNC numerical control, SCADA human-machine interface HMI and visual controller after installing WinxPAC software. It has a powerful and visual real-time automation controller with one or several functions at the same time.

SCADA.CREW Data Acquisition and Human-Machine Interface Software

WinxPAC SCADA. CREW is a data acquisition, monitoring and human-machine interface configuration development software running on PC or HMI. It provides abundant and easy-to-use I/O interface and interface configuration functions, built-in a large number of vector graphics, galleries and animation elements, built-in database and formula forms. Built-in database and formula form to realize monitoring screen, alarm display, data statistics and report display on the device site, client or remote IE client. SCADA.CREW can be used as the main controller's visual SCADA interface or as an independent HMI interface to exchange PLC data and is compatible with most fieldbus protocols currently on the market.

Motion Control and CNC Software

WinxPAC Motion & CNC: The X1260 and X1270 are EtherCAT-based real-time kernel software for motion control and CNC development and operation on industrial PCs including touch or operator panel PCs. They have included all functions of WinxPAC PLC software. The software adopts motion function control blocks and libraries that conform to the PLCopen standard. The X1260 real-time motion control software can control 255 motion servo axes. The control functions include axis synchronization control, positioning control, and interpolation track control. The X1270 CNC real-time software features nearly all CNC trajectory control, including high-end systems for complex motion control and high kinematics, reliable real-time core capability, and interpolated trajectory control for 64 axes.

WinxPAC Vision.NET Machine Vision Software: X2100

WinxPAC® Vision.NET is comprehensive software for PC-based machine vision and image analysis. From trigger shooting, image processing to output to automation systems, Vision.NET machine vision software simplifies and shortens the whole process of developing machine vision and industrial image processing applications.


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