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On September 3, Clescrane received an order for 50T + 20T double girder ovhead cranes from Mexico Mould Manufacturer.
The Mexican Mould Manufacturer is preparring to purchadr overhead crane to expand production. Quality, safety and price are the main factors to be considered. The project leader of the Mexican Mold Factory wanted the overhead crane to accurately lift the mold into the assembly position and ensure the safety of the crane and operator.
Clescrane finally recommended the CHD series of double girder overhead crane to customers in Mexico, equipped with vertical lifting, monitoring unit and lifting brake wear detection additional options to meet their needs.
(Vertical lifting: in the process of rising and falling, the hook will not appear left and right deviation, which can ensure the lifting accuracy;
Monitoring unit: protect the lifting unit, prevent motor over-current, overheating, lack of phase, prevent overload, prevent top;
Lift brake wear detection can monitor the thickness of brake pads to prevent brake failure due to excessive wear and ensure lifting safety.
Purchasing a crane is a long-term investment that can greatly improve operations, simplify production, and increase worker safety. Choosing the best lifting solution for you will ultimately save you money in the future. To find out how Clescrane helps customers choose the best crane solutions, please contact us


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