Russian customers visited Clescrane to discuss the cooperation of automatic storage system


The General Manager of Russian Engineering Company visited Clescrane On May 17, 2023.
The warehousing industry has been under pressure to reduce costs, especially in face of rising energy, raw material prices, labor costs, etc. This has led to an increasing reliance on automation solutions, which have greatly improved work efficiency and production utilization.
The Clescrane fully automatic storage crane system can help warehouses maximize productivity, shorten cycle times and achieve a high level of agility in operations, greatly improving warehouse operations and storage capacity while increasing throughput.
"Clescrane is a mature and successful business with proven technology and a global service network, and we see a huge opportunity in combining warehouses and automation to benefit customers who start warehousing operations. We are looking forward to working with Clescrane to seize this opportunity and advantages to achieve further growth,” said the general manager of the Russian engineering company.
At present, a number of foreign customers have reached cooperation with Clescrane on business development of automatic storage business. If you want to start a crane business or smart storage business, please feel free to contact us at


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